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Reykjavík Jazz Festival starts the 29th of August

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The annual Reykjavík Jazz Festival will be held from the 29th of August - 5th of September. 

The festival hosts performances in a variety of styles, from contemporary jazz and the avant-garde to Latin jazz, gospel and big bands. It features many acclaimed international Jazz players as well as Iceland’s leading Jazz musicians. Against a backdrop of imposing mountains this small, clean coastal town is an unusual and inspiring location for live jazz.

The Reykjavik Jazz Festival is dedicated to presenting the best in Icelandic Music. The Jazz in Iceland is all about connecting with the international music scene.The Reykjavík Jazz Festival is organized by the FIH Jazz Department, assisted by FIH cultural fund, The City of Reykjavik and the State Fund for Music. Jón Ómar Árnason is the general manager and artistic director.

For more information please visit the Reykjavik Jazz Festival website.