October 22, 2021

Reunite in Reykjavík!

Over the past year, we have been separated from friends and family, both those who are just a few hours away and those who live across the world. As we look forward to a hopeful future of joyous reunions and exciting travel plans, Visit ReykjavikBusiness Iceland, and Inspired by Iceland want to help you reconnect with your loved ones in Reykjavík. 

If you’re from the US / Canada or the UK and have a loved one across the pond, Iceland is the perfect destination to meet (and reunite!) halfway. To participate in this giveaway, click here to submit a photo of you and a person (friend, family member, or spouse, etc) that lives across the ocean from you (North America/UK) that you want to reunite within Reykjavík. Please tell us why it’s important to you to reunite with this person.

After the photo submission period ends on November 26, you will be able to vote for your favorite entry that you believe deserves to win the trip to Reykjavík and reunite. The voting period will last for 2 weeks and will determine the top finalists. From there, our panel of judges will decide on three winning submissions. We will announce the winners on this page on December 15.

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Person submitting must live in either North America or the UK.

Person submitting must upload one photo (this could be a collage, video chat screenshot, etc.) of themselves and the person they want to reunite with. Their companion must live across the ocean from them, either in North America or the UK.

Person submitting must include one story (no word minimum or maximum) that explains their relationship with this person and why it’s important they reunite with them in Reykjavík, Iceland.

Participants can only submit one entry throughout the entire submission period.

The submission period will last from October 21 – November 26.

Once the submission period closes, we will open up public voting to determine the finalists. The public voting period will last from November 26 - 10 December. Participants may only vote for one submission throughout the entire voting period



Complimentary flights via Icelandair

Accommodations for three nights in the city center (including breakfast) at Center HotelsKeahotels, or Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel (via a gift card)

72-hour Reykjavik City Card