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Plan the Perfect Northern Lights Viewing Trip in Iceland

Bloomberg just posted a great article which will help you plan the perfect Northern Lights trip in Iceland.

First of all, you should plan on spending a couple of days eating your way through Reykjavik’s cutting-edge food scene, and then head to the countryside for a few nights of sky-gazing.

Instead of chasing the Northern Lights, you should stay in one place and wait for them patiently. The article recommends some good places on where to book a hotel and how to plan a Northern Lights group tour. A benefit of a group tour is that most of them will let you rebook for free if your outing doesn’t result in a colorful display. Also, If you’re booking a tour, book it on your first night so you can keep trying each subsequent night until you succeed.

Also, if you don´t feel like leaving the city, we at Visit Reykjavík recommend going to Grótta. There you can spend some time by the ocean where there are limited city lights and your chances of seeing the Northern Lights on a clear cold winter night are great. Grótta is located in Seltjarnarnes, which is a municipality in the greater Reykjavík area.