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Parade of Icelandic horses in Central Reykjavík

The days from 28th of March to 1st of May in Reykjavík are dedicated to the Icelandic horse. You can experience this true force of nature in the city's center, as well as in natural surroundings.

April 28th

On this day, the annual horse parade travels through the city's center, from Hallgrímskirkja Church to the Parliment in Austurvöllur. The parade will start "tölt"-ing at 13.00 (or 1 p.m.) In Austurvöllur you will have the opportunity to meet the animals and the riders up close.

April 29th

Titled "Family Festival - The Youth & The Horse," this event is for the youngest riders and their bond with the Icelandic horse. Two shows will be held, first one at 13.00 (1 p.m.) and the second at 16.00 (4 p.m.). Admission is free. The venue is Fákur in Víðidalur, Reykjavík.

May 1st

The first of May is the "Day of The Icelandic Horse." Celebrated all over the world, owners are encouraged to open their stables for the public. You can be a part of the fun by sharing your experience on social media, using #horsesoficeland.