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(NS)FAQ: A few Not So Frequently Asked Questions

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We get many questions every day. Some are quite basic while others need a bit of investigation on our part. However, whatever questions you have, and how basic, complicated or strange they may seem, just send us an email, or contact us on Facebook and we'll happily answer them. To give you an idea of the stuff people wonder about, here are some not so frequently asked questions.

Which direction do I look towards, to see the Northern lights? And when do you turn them on?

Now, where do we start ... The Northen Lights, or Aurora Borealis, are natural phenomena which occur in the northern hemisphere when electrically charged solar particles light up in the dark sky. So in short, we can't turn them on - and you should probably look up.

Where can I buy an alive puffin to take home with me as a pet?

First of all, puffins would definitely not make good pets. Puffins are seabirds who live in holes in the ground and eat a strict diet of small fish. If you happen to live in a hole near the ocean, it might work, but else ... So, puffins are not sold (alive at least) but can legally be hunted, so theoretically one could snatch a live puffin. Good luck getting it through customs.

Why is there a green smoke in the sky at night?

Yes, this green smoke is probably the Northern Lights mentioned above. This "smoke" often changes color and can be seen in white, pink, purple or green.

Where can I find an active volcano I can walk on?

If there was an active volcano at the moment, you would probably be still at home since these things tend to block air travel. The other kind of volcanos, those that don't bother planes, spew 1150-1250°c hot lava into the air. We wouldn't go near it and recommend you stay at a safe distance ...

Why is my car always swirling to the left when I‘m driving the Ring road?

When we got this question the first time, we thought there might be something broken in the car's steering. However, after hearing the question a few times, we realized: it's the wind! Apparently, not everybody is used to driving in 30 m/s.

Do I need to reserve a sunbathing spot at Reynisfjara beach?

No, you don't need a reservation. But if you do manage to sunbathe at Reynisfjara, I will take my hat off to you. Also, please stay away from the tide, it is more powerful than it seems, and a few visitors have even drowned there.

Can I go directly to do a northern lights tour after a midnight sun tour?

Now, you see, the Northern Lights are actually up there in the sky the year around doing their dance. But in summer, they can't be seen BECAUSE OF the midnight sun. So you'll probably have to take a pick which one you'd like to see in one trip. Both are awesome, so there's no wrong choice.

Can I dive between two continents in Lake Silfra even though I can‘t swim?

Please don't!