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Meet the Icelandic Horse

The National Icelandic Horse competition will take place in Reykjavík July 1st.-8th. Here you will have an opportunity to meet up close with the Icelandic horse and see some of the most beautiful creatures in the country.

At Landsmót Iceland’s top breeding horses in all age groups compete. Pace races also get their spotlight on the program. Icelandic music and entertainment is a big part of the atmosphere, along with the market area, where you can get all the Icelandic riding gear, food and the “lopapeysa” woolen sweater.

Passes are already on sale, with options to buy for the whole week, weekend or a single day. The program is available on the event's official website. Camping spaces without electricity are open for free for all who attend the event. You can also buy a camping space with electricity for the whole week.

Tickets are on sale at