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LGBTQ-Friendly Reykjavík

Expedia's travel blog highlights some of the most LGBTQ-friendly cities around the world and among them is Reykjavík.  They searched the globe for places where the right to be yourself and considered equal are important aspects of the culture, laws, social scene, and employment structures. These cities stood out for their history of activism, protection laws, LGBTQ-friendly establishments, districts, and business practices, and their ability to throw a rocking good (and open) party. In an article about Reykjavík on they write the following about Reykjavík:

“The population of Iceland is small but mighty, and laws here are quite progressive. Organizations such as Samtökin ’78 are fighting the good fight, and the fruits of their labor are visible in the cultural landscape. The organization’s community center in Reykjavik hosts open houses and promotes education and visibility. Social groups such as Ungliðahópur (youth group), KMK Women with Women, and Gay Religion Group are furthering conversation and community.

Party potential: Kiki Queer Club is the official gay bar of the city, but numerous bars around town are super LGBTQ-friendly. Bars such as Gaukurinn feature events like Drag-Súgur, a cabaret extravaganza for “queens and kings, fairies and trolls and all the other beautiful creatures of the night.” Come Pride in August, around 90,000 people show up to celebrate at the ensuing parade and parties, and numbers continue to grow each year. It’s a spectacular array of color, character, and inclusion.

Fabulous facts:

  • Trans Ísland has been championing trans rights since 2007.
  • Marriage equality in Iceland was granted in 2010, and registered partnerships for same-sex couples became legal in 1996. Icelandic same-sex couples became eligible for public access to IVF insemination treatment and joint adoption of children in 2006.

Mo’ info:

  • Bears on Ice in September and Rainbow Reykjavik in late January to early February shake up the city’s party snow globe with an array of events.
  • Café Babalu is a charming, gay-owned eatery with outdoor seating for warm-weather visits.“