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November 20, 2021

Keilir Colf club gets the GSÍ Sustainability Award

The Icelandic Golf Association's Sustainability Award was presented for the first time today. Keilir Golf Club from Hafnarfjörður received this recognition.

Keilir Golf Club has been one of the golf clubs in Iceland that has been a leader in the field of sustainability in recent decades within the golf movement. Ideas that pertain to the activities of the club concerning sustainability and the rational use of resources. The club has always given priority and demonstrated that sustainability and environmental considerations are paramount in the company's procurement and all activities.

A report by GEO's evaluators states that Hvaleyrarvöllur is a feather in the cap for Hafnarfjarðarbær, where the game of golf is used as a positive force in favor of responsible handling of land and is practiced as a healthy outdoor activity that can be practiced for a modest fee. The game is thus accessible to people from all walks of life and of all ages. "Keilir Golf Club has achieved this, thanks to the club's strong awareness of sustainability and environmental issues, the voluntary work of energetic members, and its extensive collaboration with companies and municipalities," the report further states.

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