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Introducing a new out-door market in Reykjavik this summer

In recent years, the flora of out-door markets in Reykjavik has been encreasing during the summer season. The latest addition is the amazing Bernhöfts Bazaar, which is a new and exciting outdoor market located in downtown Reykjavík. Opening hours on Saturdays from June 20th to July 25th, from 13:00 - 18:00.

Each Saturday the market will have a theme of it´s own; Music, Plants, Skateboards & Bikes, Toys, “Made by Granny” and Art. We highly reccommend you check out this summer market and make sure to enjoy a cold beverage and dance to the tunes of local musicians.

More info:  

Even more info: and twitter @BernhoftsBazaar #bbazaar #bernhöftsbazaar #torgibið.