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Iceland´s Culinary Team

Iceland’s national culinary team takes third place in the Culinary Olympics!

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With impressive number of quality restaurants, and with award winning chefs that are creating both imaginative and delicious cuisine, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that the Iceland´s national culinary team came in third place in the Culinary Olympics!

The Culinary Olympics took place in Stuttgart, Germany, where Iceland won gold in both the competition categories, as did Norway and Sweden, which took the top two places - with Norway finishing on top.

“The Icelandic Culinary Team is manned with the country’s most talented chefs. The team’s mission is to be a strong unit with the ability to compete with the most skilled chefs in the world. One of the team’s goals is to be a leading force in strengthening culinary professionalism and interest, increase interest among young people and be an inspiration in Icelandic food culture.”

See more information about the Icelandic culinary team on their website