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Iceland is the most peaceful country on earth

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RÚV reports that "Iceland is the most peaceful country on earth for the 13th year in a row, according to the latest Institute for Economics & Peace analysis. New Zealand is second on the newest list and Portugal third. IEP has been compiling the Global Peace Index every year since 2008." 

 The top 20 countries: 

  1. Iceland 
  2. New-Zealand 
  3. Portugal 
  4. Austria 
  5. Denmark 
  6. Canada 
  7. Singapore 
  8. Czech Republic 
  9. Japan 
  10. Switzerland 
  11. Slovenia 
  12. Republic of Ireland 
  13. Australia 
  14. Finland 
  15. Sweden 
  16. Germany 
  17. Belgium 
  18. Norway (Norway and Belgium are tied in the same position) 
  19. Bhutan 
  20. Malaysia