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High Quality Restaurants in Reykjavik

Reykjavík is known for its high-quality restaurants with a selection of both local and international dishes. Fourteen of our restaurants are listed in the White Guide, which is a guide to the finest restaurants in the Nordics.

DILL, a restaurant which is located in downtown Reykjavík, became the first restaurant in Iceland awarded the Michelin Star earlier this year. DILL restaurant embraces Icelandic traditions by allowing the ingredients to shine in their own simplicity.

Aside from DILL four other restaurants in Reykjavík are mentioned in the guide, all esteemed in Reykjavík and being highly rated by other restaurant guides. These are Matur og drykkur, Vox at Hotel Hilton Nordica, Gallery at Hotel Holt and Grillið at Hotel Saga.

When visiting Reykjavík, you will find out that our small city knows how to party and has a great selection of bars. CNN recently wrote an article about our coolest bars. As the article mentions you can sip craft cocktails in style and each bar has a great selection of drinks in a unique environment.

We recommend all visitors to try out the Icelandic cuisine, but be sure to try out the fabulous Icelandic coffee shops, beer breweries, hot dog stands and street food courts as well.

We look forward to see you in Reykjavík.