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Halloween at the Árbær Open Air Museum

Halloween at the Árbær Open Air Museum 

Thursday 31 October 17:00-19:00

Free admission for guests in creepy costumes!

We will be celebrating Halloween at the Árbær Open Air Museum on Thursday 31st October 2019 from 18:00- 20:00.

As dusk descends, the grounds of the museum will be cloaked in a supernatural air of mystery; and there in the twilight, you might just catch a glimpse of the ghosts of old times past. 

Visit the museum and find out about the fascinating customs of this ancient Celtic tradition, and, you never know, you might come across a few lost, old spirits wandering around the grounds.

The bravest can knock on doors of spooky old houses with a glowing jack-o-lantern and play trick or treat on the deathly inhabitants.

Don't forget to stop by at Lækjargata House where you can learn how to make Halloween candy bags to collect all your treats. Don't worry; the bags are strong enough to hold lots of goodies!

Admission is free for guests dressed in creepy costumes. Kids 12 years or younger must be accompanied by an adult. Those who scare easily might want to bring someone to hold on to!

The programme starts at 18:00 and runs until 20:00.