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Come join the WONDERWAGON – an old concert bus visiting the Reykjavík art scene

We have a new cultural activity in Reykjavík. For those with interest in Reykjavík music and art, we present the WONDERWAGON!
In the Wonderwagon you will be taken on board an old concert hall on wheels dressed with chandeliers and a grand piano.
You will travel into the wonders of Reykjavík Art scene and enjoy the talents of local artists on personal notes.  Local authors, painters, musicians and other artists living in Reykjavík will enter the concert bus and entertain with various scenes as well as introducing us to their personal art work in their workshops and homes.
Music will fill the air all along the ride, the piano lingering along with the driving through Reykjavík roads blended in with accordion and other road tunes. Enjoy getting to know Reykjavík artists in an amusing and pleasant road trip with a twist.
Hosted by Eva María Jónsdóttir television host, Nanna Hlíf Ingvadóttir pianist and Ilmur Stefánsdóttir performance artist.