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Bóndadagur is a day where Icelanders celebrate husbands, fiancés and boyfirends. This takes place during the first day of Þorri in the fourth month of winter, according to the ancient Norse calendar. The master of the house was therefore supposed to rise before the rest of the household on the first day of Þorri to welcome Þorri with a special ceremony:

He was to exit the house, wearing only his shirt and dressed in just one leg of his pants, and then hop around the house on one foot, all the while dragging the other pant-leg behind him. After these strange schenanigans a large feast was organized with people from neighbouring farms in attendance.

By other accounts Þorri was to be greeted by the housewife, while the master of the house was to welcome the month of Góa (the fifth month of winter that began on a Sunday between the 18th and 24th of February): The first day of Góa is Konudagur, a day of celebration of the housewife.