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New Year’s Bonfires

New Year’s Bonfires (Áramótabrennur) will be in 17 places in the Reykjavík Capital area this year and in a similar manner as before. You can join the locals and experience old age customs and traditions of the New Year’s celebration. 
New Year’s Bonfires are lit at 20:30 in all places except at Skerjafjörður and Úlfarsfell.
These are the locations for the 2016 New Year’s Bonfires in Reykjavík:    
1. Ægisíða
2. Skerjafjörður, by the street Skildinganes 48 - 52 (lit at 21:00)
3. Suðurhlíðar, below the Fossvogur valley cemetery
4. West of Laugarásvegur, by Valbjarnarvöllur sports area
5. Geirsnef
6. Suðurfell
7.  Fylkisbrenna, by Rauðavatn
8. Gufunes, by the old recycling centre
9. Kléberg in Kjalarnes
10. Úlfarsfell, by Lambhagavegur, (lit at 15:00)
New Year’s Bonfires will be lit at 20:30 in Reykjavíks neighbouring towns (except at Sjávargrund in Garðabær, lit at 21:00)
1. Seltjarnarnes – at Valhúsahæð
2. Kópavogur – by Smárahvammsvöllur, by Digranes Kirkja Church and the Þingbrenna Bonfire at Gulaþing
3. Garðabær –   There are two bonfires in Garðabær, one in Álftanes near the shore close to the road Bakkavegur and another one by the seaside at Sjávargrund (lit at 21:00,)
4. Hafnarfjörður – at Ásvellir, by the Haukar sports area
5. Mosfellsbær – by Leirvogur, down from Holt area
These events do not have an official schedule. It´s all about people gathering together at the bonfire and enjoying each other’s company while celebrating the end of the year. * The use of fireworks is not allowed at the bonfires. For everyone safety, please do not to bring fireworks to the New Year’s Bonfires. 
An image of a map of Bonfire locations in Reykjavík