Midnight sun at Grótta
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Midnight Sun In Reykjavík

During the summer months, the west coast of Iceland becomes an excellent viewing platform for witnessing one of nature's most magnificent shows on Earth - the setting of the midnight sun.

If you're visiting during this period be prepared for some awe-inspiring displays, where the skies blaze in super-shades of pink and gold that intensify in those few magic moments before dusk. The sun then remains dipped just below the horizon casting an enchanting spell of glorious, gleaming illumination until it rises again at dawn.

Reykjavík is particularly well situated for such scenic observations of the midnight sun with some fantastic locations to take snapshots, including the lighthouse at Grótta in Seltjarnarnes, or on the waterfront by Sólfarið – the Sun Voyager sculpture. Perlan is another great place to see the impressive displays of light and colour, which are often affected by variations in the weather.