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The Living Art Museum

The Living Art Museum (Nýló) is a museum and a venue for contemporary visual art in Reykjavik.

It is committed to the presentation and preservation of contemporary works by both Icelandic and international artists. Nýló is an artist-run, member-based, non-profit institution, founded by a group of artists in 1978. They were associated with the Fluxus movement, new media and conceptual art with the mission to preserve works that were generally rejected by the public and art authorities at the time. It has since been a platform for progressive exhibitions and critical discussion concerning experimental art practices.

Nýló aims to:
– Promote critical discourse and progressive experiments in the field of visual art.
– Encourage and support emerging artists.
– Collect and preserve the work of artists who are part of the museum’s history.
– Collect and preserve documents and data related to the museum’s history and collection.
– Collect and preserve documents and data relating to the parallel history of visual art, focusing on artist initiatives and performance art in Iceland.
– Continuously review its own institutional direction.