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International Festival of Children’s Literature

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The International Festival of Children’s Literature: In the Moorland is a children’s and youth literature festival held biennially.

The first Mooreland children’s and youth literature festival was held in the autumn of 2001 and was called Cat in the Mooreland. The festival was a success, leading the organizational committee to go forward with a second festival, with the aim of making this a biennial event, as a counterpoint of The Reykjavik International Literature Festival which is also held biennially. From the start, the focus has been on the festival being international and authors and scholars have come from the Nordic countries, Britain, Germany, the Baltic countries, U.S.A. and Canada.

The association responsible for the festival is called Mýrin. It has representatives from IBBY Iceland, SÍUNG (Association of Children’s Book Writers in Iceland), The Writer’s Union of Iceland, The University of Iceland, Reykjavík City Library and the Nordic House.

It has become a tradition to name the festival after the Moorland (Vatnsmýri) where the Nordic House stands. Each festival has a special focus point or a theme. The first five festivals were named: Cat in the Moorland (2001), Magic in the Moorland (2004), Kids in the Moorland (2006), Ghosts in the Moorland (2008), and Pictures in the Moorland (2010). Preparation for the sixth festival began in September 2010. The theme this time is food in children's literature and the festival is called Food in the Moorland. It will take place on the 15th–19th of September 2012.

The festival program is diverse, with the participation of authors and scholars from Iceland and abroad. Among different events are:

  •     Readings
  •     Panels and literary programs at the Nordic House
  •     Author talks and discussions
  •     Lectures by literary scholars
  •     Exhibitions and workshops
  •     Culture program according to the theme

For more information please visit the Children's Literature Festival website.