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Important Phone Numbers

Iceland has first class emergency services and health care facilities. Just in case you need assistance during your stay in Iceland it’s a good idea to make note of the following important phone numbers. 

- Emergency services: police, fire and ambulance. Tel: 112

- Directory Inquiries. Tel: 118

- Police Station. Tel: 444-1000

- Search and Rescue. Tel: 570-5900

- International Directory Inquiries: 1811

- Sjálfsbjörg (self-help) association for people with disabilities: Tel: 550-0300

- E.R Emergency Room Landspítali Hospital. Tel: 543-2000

- Dental assistance. Tel: 575-0505

- Health Care Services (out of hours) Tel: 1770

- Luggage storage. Tel: 591-1000

- Lost & found. Tel: 444 -1000

- For lost or stolen credit cards: Visa Tel: 525-2000. American Express Tel: 800-8111.  

-For lost or stolen credit cards: Master Card & Diners Club Tel:533-1400/550-1500