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Hidden World Walks

Hafnarfjördur is renowned for having one of Iceland's largest colonies of elves, dwarves and other spiritual beings, which (translating from the Icelandic) are collectively called "Hidden Folk". Centuries-old folklore says that whole families of these beings live in the rocks that are part of the town's centre, and we do not doubt it at all.

The Hidden Worlds tour takes you to their homesites. It stops at places like Hellisgerdi Park and the base of the cliff, Hamarinn, where it is said the Royal Family of the Hidden Folk lives. Along the way, the guide retells stories about the magical hidden worlds and describes the town's history and its development in harmony with the Hidden Folk.

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Silja Gunnarsdóttir guide & storyteller has put together a fun hiking trail around Hafnarfjörður in the paths of Hidden People.  Click here for the service map of the town where you can access this walking trail.

The route runs from Strandstígur promenade to Hafnarfjörður Church, up to Hamarinn and from there down Öldugata and behind Menntasetrið við Lækinn. From there, walk Austurgata in the direction to Hellisgerði and from there down Vesturbraut to Norðurbakki where you will find the promenade again.

Elf circle around Hafnarfjörður

The Harbour

By the promenade are benches where you can sit down and rest, close your eyes and breathe in the fresh ocean breeze. When your mind is calm, open your eyes and look out for the Merman/Sea nymphs leaping and swimming around.


The Dwarf Stone behind Hafnarfjarðarkirkja

The Dwarf Stone was not moved when the church was built in 1914. No one wanted to move it due to the belief that if the dwarf that lives there is not happy with what is done, he would retaliate.


Hamarinn “The Cliff”

On top of the cliff is a magnificent view of Hafnarfjörður and the surrounding area. On good days you can see the mighty Snæfellsjökull glacier in the Snæfellsnes peninsula. The energy surrounding the cliff is young and powerful. On top of the cliff, the hidden children often play. It is believed that the royalties live inside Hamarinn and their habitat has a red carpet and a golden interior.

Menntasetrið við Lækinn

When the school was built in 1930, workers had to break down rocks behind it. A lady came to the foreman in charge with messages from the elves. They wanted the workers to stop ruining their homes. In return, the elves would make sure that no child would get hurt playing in the rocks. 

Menntasetrið við lækinn


Hellisgerði Park is the heart of Hafnarfjörður, built by young visioners that opened the park in 1923. The park has the largest colonies of elves, dwarfs, and hidden people. The light and positive energy in the park make it a perfect place to meditate. You might even get a message in the meditative state from the park’s invisible beings.


Elf rock on the corner of Vesturbraut and Vesturgata

In this elf, rock lives a mother with her two young sons. When the house was being built their home was left untouched because they were not ready to move.