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Electricity, Weights & Measures

When it comes to beer and petrol it's definitely worth knowing your weights and measures!

We use the metric system of weights and measures in Iceland: the imperial system is not widely known so knowing your pint from your litre could save you a lot of trouble at the pub! If those hobbits of Middle Earth only knew we serve beer in litres!

Below is a list of basic imperial (standard U.S and U.K.) to metric conversions.

1 inch = 2.54cm
1 foot = 30.48cm
1 yard = 91.44 cm
1 acre = 4,047m2
1 mile = 1,690 km
1 pint =  0.473 cm3
1 pound = 453g

Iceland uses the European standard of 220 Volts, 50 Hz AC with two round pins. International power adaptors are recommended for expensive equipment so that the current is regulated properly. Regular adapters are available at the airport, in major hotels and stores selling electrical equipment.