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Family friendly Reykjavik

Families will find plenty of interesting activities in Reykjavík. Whether it’s splashing around in a thermal pool, trying on Viking armour or viewing some of the largest mammals on Earth at close range. There’s fun to be had for all ages in the city.

Grown-ups will be happy to bring their families to Reykjavík, a safe and clean city with a compact centre that’s simple to navigate on foot and provides easy access to nature. Locals are also very open to youngsters; you’ll find a high chair in every café and see babies sleeping in their buggies outside on the sidewalk while their parents are inside.

Reykjavík has numerous cultural, leisure and sporting facilities many of which have sections and activities specially designed for kids!

Top Family Friendly Events

Children’s Culture Festival (April), First Day of Summer (April), Festival of the Sea (June), Independence Day (June 17), and Reykjavík Culture Night (August).

Top family activities:

- Splash & play - at one of 18 thermal pools in the Reykjavík Capital Area.
- Makes friends with the resident ducks, geese and swans - at Tjörnin Lake.
- Experience our culture - at the Reykjavík City Museum.
- Experience Viking times - at one of the capital area's many museums.
- Talk to the animals - at the Reykjavík Family Park & Zoo.
- Experience our family friendly library - at the Reykjavík City Library.
- Get a guided art tour in English - at our art museums.
- Check out some of the beautiful - street art in the city 
- Try delicious Icelandic food - hot dogs, soft ice cream, skyr and liquorice.
- Climb to the very top - of majestic Mount Esja.
- Go horse riding - through pastoral valleys and rocky lava fields.
- See whales - and puffins on a boat trip from the old harbour.
- Watch bubbling hot springs - and roaring waterfalls on a day trip from Reykjavík.
- Revel in a Reykjavík winter - be dazzled by the multi-coloured Christmas lights, visit the Hafnarfjörður Christmas Village, skate on Tjörnin Lake or start a snowball fight.

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