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Viking Festival Hafnarfjörður

The Viking Festival of August 2021 has been canceled due to current restrictions.

It saddens us to announce that the Viking Market in Hafnarfjörður is canceled due to current restrictions.

 Rimmugýgur and the organizers join in great sorrow on this decision for the second year in a row.

With current, and possible following, restrictions, organization, scope, and uncertainty we do not see the possibility of hosting the market for anyone's benefit, entertainment nor enjoyment.

 We are looking at hosting a small winter market closer to Jule, more information to come.

 We will return with thrice the vigor in June 2022, when Rimmugýgur also celebrates its 25 anniversary."


Hafnarfjörður town hosts the annual Viking Festival, which is the oldest and biggest festival of its kind in Iceland. Visiting this festival will make you feel like you have been transferred back in time a thousand years or so.

The festival, which has been held since 1995, takes place on the second weekend of June and lasts for 4 days. The Viking Festival 2018 was held in another location, at Víðistaðatún park, where it all began, and which is a much bigger venue.

The Viking Village hosted the festival for many years, and a Middle Age market was set up in between and in front of the buildings of the Viking Village. The new location for the Viking festival is at Víðistaðatún park and the market is open from 13-19 with free entrance. 

The Vikings sell their wares at the market;  leather goods, fur, silver jewelry, swords, and exquisite horns made of bones. They roast a lamb, fight, dance, tell stories, and show us the ways of living of the old Vikings. 

This Viking club is called Rimmugýgur, which is a name from the Saga of Njáll, the jewel of the crown of the Icelandic Sagas - the ax Rimmugýgur in that Saga means a fighting troll!

This biggest of all Icelandic Viking clubs has grown in size through the years with around 200 members today - around 60 of which partake in the Viking reenactment fights.