Miami bar

Hverfisgata 33, Reykjavík 101, 566 7333

Opening Hours:
Wed - Sat: 4.00pm - 10.00pm

Website: https://www.facebook.com/miamihverfisgata/


Arriving in Miami Bar is like taking a short break from Reykjavik. The experience should feel like checking into a luxurious hotel in Florida from the ’80s that has just been renovated.
It was once THE place to be, but with time it became a little unfashionable. After the renovations and improvements, it became odd but classic. It aims to be as “cool” as it was 30 years ago and
still as “cool” 30 years from now.


The building is an unpopular postmodern building from the 80’s and to make it fit into the building. Although the bar has never been there until now, our design approach was to pretend
that we were renovating a bar from the ’80s.


As we sought inspiration from Miami in the ’80s. Culture, movements, vibe and media that shaped the city at the time, we also wanted Miami Bar to bear symptoms of Miami’s modern art
the scene as we know it today.
The outcome is a fun mix between originality and an artistic, lounge themed bar. Low lighting and electronic tones participate in setting the mood. As does our fabulous staff, their outfits consist
of white double-breasted blazers, blue shirts and moccasins a la Don Johnson’s character Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice.
Although Bar Miami is rather good looking and offers great service. A host accompanies our guest to their seats and bartenders bring delicious classic cocktails to the tables.
In the cellar, you’ll find a Ping Pong Club inspired by the Memphis movement, where guests can enjoy a game of ping pong, have a drink or even use the vanity table to tidy up.
The creative studio behind Miami is Döðlur Studio that has drawn allot of attention worldwide
for excellent and original design as well as powerful marketing.


Walking through Bar Miami almost everything is custom made by Döðlur Studio. To create a lounge feeling we wanted to make every seat “the best seat in the house” with carpeted floors where you can relax, put your feet up and enjoy a drink or two. One of Bar Miami’s unique feature is the custom made bar that is crowned with a Miami Sunset light. A few famous designs from the ’80s like the Tahiti Lamp by Ettore Sottsass, “Ekstrem Lounge chair” by Terje Ekström and Apollo’s head by André Cazenave as well with the tit lamp by Venini and Studio Job are mixed perfectly with the custom made furniture.


Bar Miami is located next to the Danish Embassy and the National Theatre on Hverfisgata that lies parallel to Laugarvegur, Reykjavík’s main shopping street. Hverfisgata often called “the shadow neighbourhood” used to be an urban neighbourhood but due to gentrification it is now up an coming neighbourhood.