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Lava Hostel

Hjallabraut 51, Hafnarfjörður 220, 5650900

Website: www.lavahostel.is

Lava Hostel offers the following facilities and services: 8 rooms, a total of 30 beds in 2-6 bedded private and shared rooms. Guest kitchen, dining area, free WiFi, washing machine and dryer, WC, and showers are shared. For larger groups, we offer a 120m2 assembly room that can accommodate up to 45 people on mattresses as well as access to our large kitchen. We also offer breakfast for groups.

Lava Hostel provides the perfect service for travelers looking for comfortable, clean, and affordable accommodation. The hostel is situated in the picturesque Víðistaðatún, the local outdoor and recreational area. The Víðistaðatún park also includes a modern sculpture park.