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Ban Thai

Laugavegur 130, Reykjavík 105, 552 2444

Opening Hours:
Mon - Sun: 4.30pm - 10.00pm

Website: www.banthai.is

Ban Thai has been operating for 30 years, offering authentic Thai food just like it is in Thailand. Because there are many dishes on the menu that can not be obtained anywhere else e.g. if we have a special BanThai sauce, it can sometimes be a long wait and it is good to ask about the wait if you do not have enough time, it is best to take it easy and enjoy the food, as this is not a fast food place, it takes time to cook all the food, nothing is ready. We offer a very wide range of dishes and everyone can find something to their liking, whether it is strong or mild, but the dishes are all marked with chili labels so you can see the strength. All food is lightly cooked from fresh ingredients, so it retains its nutritional value and original taste.