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RIFF - Ever watched a movie in a cave?

From September 26 to October 6 Reykjavík city centre is set to vibrate with dramatic energy as RIFF (the Reykjavík International Film Festival) celebrates its tenth anniversary!

With yet another exciting programme full of superb international films, including 75 features hailing from 40 countries around the world, RIFF presents a great opportunity for visitors to experience a wide variety international film and culture. All films are screened with subtitles in English, and keeping with Iceland's love and reputation for the offbeat and unconventional, RIFF is proud to be hosting the festival in a number of unorthodox venues in and around the city.

Among the highlights of this year's festival:

Swim-In Cinema. September 28th: RIFF offers the possibility to experience a classic movie in a totally new way. Iceland's biggest indoor pool Laugardalslaug turns into a RIFF venue screening a family friendly classic. While soaking and paddling through the water the movie's atmosphere will be recreated in the surroundings of the pool and live music will set the mood from 7:30 onward. In this way visitors can experience both the typical Icelandic swimming culture and the movie.

Cave-Cinema October 2nd: In collaboration with Arctic Adventures RIFF guides visitors into a secret cave offering a unique experience. Trips starting at 10:30 and 14:30 will commence by bus in Reykjavik. After a short walk of 10-15 Minutes participants will be guided into a mysterious opening in the ground. Arriving in the cave hot drinks and light snacks will be provided while a special secret movie is screened. The adventurous trip will last approx. three and a half hours.

RIFF offers a wide range of events. This year the festival wants to emphasize especially the change our planet has to go through. RIFF will show documentaries about global warming and environmental damage such as Eco-Movies like Greedy Lying Bastards by Rosebraugh or Pandora's Promise by Robert Stone. One documentary will be honoured with the Environmental Award. As every year there will be other awards as well and of course the Grand Prix of RIFF, the Golden Puffin, will be awarded by the festival jury to the Best Picture of the competition category, entitled New Visions. 

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