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Reykjavik City Theatre

The Reykjavík City Theatre ranks among Iceland’s oldest and most prestigious cultural institutions. Its history stretches back more than a century to the foundation of the Reykjavík Theatre Company in 1897. The theater stages 9 to 13 new productions annually, in addition to hosting a variety of collaborations with other theatre companies.  

The company draws on a richly varied repertoire of international and domestic works. It breaks new ground even when producing classic works.  Under the artistic direction of Magnús Geir Thordarson, the company prides itself on a strong ensemble, dedicated to emancipating young writers and discovering talented new directors. It is also mindful of the necessity of artistic vision and strong presentations to maintain  record-breaking audience attendance.

The theater houses three major stages. The Large Stage has seating for 550 guests. The Small Stage, with an audience capacity of up to 220 and The New Stage, seating up to 240.