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Rainbow street in Reykjavík

One of the main streets in downtown Reykjavík has been dressed up in the colors of the rainbow to celebrate Reykjavík Pride which is now held for the seventeenth time. The festival started on Tuesday and ends on Sunday.
The rainbow street in Reykjavík is a sign of joy and support for diversity. The initiative is organized by the city of Reykjavík in cooperation with Reykjavík Pride. The rainbow will be there through the six day Reykjavík Pride celebration and onwards until September.
Reykjavík Pride is one of many festivals that make Reykjavík a cultural and vibrant festival city all year long. Reykjavík Pride has been held annually since 1999 and it has evolved into a festival that attracts up to 100 thousand guests from all over the world. Reykjavík Pride is one of the biggest events in Iceland and one of the biggest little Prides in the world.
Read more about the Reykjavík Pride programme here.
Photo by Gunnar Hersveinn