Rainbow Reykjavík

Late January 2014 heralds the start of the 3rd annual Rainbow Reykjavík LGBT Winter Pride Festival in Reykjavík.

The 3-day programme offers a mixture of nature, activities, culture, cuisine, music and nightlife. It starts on the 30th of January with a soak in the Blue Lagoon, followed by dinner at the renowned Lava Restaurant and a party at Icelandair Hotel Reykjavík Marina - one of Iceland’s most popular bars. The day after guests will enjoy a guided tour around Reykjavík,  visit the Penis Museum, have lunch and go to a show. The cherry on top of this year’s festival is going to be the Rainbow Reykjavik Dinner & Divas show orchestrated especially for the event on the evening of the 31st. 

On the 1st of February Rainbow Reykjavík guests will enjoy a tour of the Golden Circle, followed by an optional dinner before heading-off to the Rainbow Reykjavík Masquerade Party where organizers expect a crowd of up to 500 people for what has become THE club night to be seen at in Iceland. This event, as in fact all other tours and events of the festival, is open to everyone, and we encourage the local community to take part!
The festival is sponsored by Icelandair and supported by Icelandair Hotels, Reykjavik Excursions, Visit Reykjavik and Pink Iceland – who both produce and organise the event.
For more information check out: www.pinkiceland.is