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Shopping in Iceland is usually not a very budget-friendly activity. Luckily for shopping-enthusiasts, there’s a large number of thrift stores in the Reykjavik area. These stores sell all kinds of stuff, ranging from household wares to rare gems of fashionable clothing and jewellery. Iceland seems to have a knack for this kind of aesthetic, it's almost as if the best things just continue to circulate on the island and never leave – an organic sifting process, where a lot of treasures can be found!

Here is a list of thrift shops in the Reykjavík capital area:

  1. Hertex, Garðarstræti 6
  2. Hertex, Vínlandsleið 6-8
  3. Samhjálp, Ármúli 11
  4. Basarinn, Háaleitisbraut 68
  5. Góði Hirðirinn (Good Sheperd), Fellsmúli 28
  6. Von & Bjargir, Grensásvegur 14
  7. Rauði krossinn (Red Cross), Laugavegur 12
  8. Rauði Krossinn,  Skólavörðurstígur 12
  9. Rauði Krossinn, Laugavegur 116
  10. Rauði Krossinn, Mjódd
  11. Rauði Krossinn, Strandgata 24
  12. Kolaportið (Fleamarket), Tryggvagata 19
  13. Nytjamarkaður ABC, Víkurhvarf