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Driving Arrangements for Busses/Coaches in the City Centre

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A new arrangement for tourist bus/coach traffic in the capital city centre was approved by the Environment and Planning Committee on 3 May 2017 and by the city council on 11 May. The new arrangement, which took effect 15 July 2017, is shown on the map below.

From 15 July, all tourist bus/coach were banned on the streets within the yellow colored zone except on Lækjargata, as shown on the map. The traffic ban includes all Busses and coaches with a license for 8 or more persons and other vehicles that exceed 8 metres in length. It also includes specially equipped vehicles for mountaineering, even though the vehicle carries less than eight passengers. This ban is only for vehicles in tourism. Selected driving routes are recommended for driving of coaches around the centre, as shown on the map.

Pick-up and Drop-off
Pick-up and Drop-off areas are located on 12 spots near the city center as shown on the map. The pick-up and drop-off is superintended only for short term parking,  around 5 minutes, not for extended stays. An interactive map of the pick-up and drop-off spots can be found on the website Users are expandable to zoom into each location. This should make these key spots easy to find. Travelers with a smartphone (equipped with GPS) will be able to see where the pick-up and drop-off areas are located and get directions from the current location to the chosen pick-up and drop-off spot. A map of pick-up and drop-off spots in the city centre can also be downloaded from the website for offline viewing or printing.

For more information, please contact the Environment and Planning Committee of the City of Reykjavík.