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Lágafellslaug pool

Lágafellslaug pool offers a 25m competition pool, indoor pool, children's pool, lounge pool along with three water slides. Furthemore there are two hot tubs, massage tub and a cold tub.

The pool area in Lágafelli is quite big and diverse. The pool is 25 meters big and is  an outdoor pool. There are 3 hot tubs, with the temperature from 38°C – 42°C.

For the children, and of course the adults, is a shallow childrens pool, three water slides. One water slide is open and about 12 meters long. The others are closed and 33 – 43 meter long.

The indoor pool has an adjustable bottom and is ideal for teaching. It is open for the publing when there are no practices. It is 16 meters long.