The Iceland Expo Pavilion - 360° cinematic experience in Harpa

Visitors of Harpa are now able to visit the Iceland Expo Pavilion. It was designed for the Worlds Fair in Shanghai 2010 and set up again at the Fankfurt Book Fair in 2011, where Iceland was the Guest of Honor for 2011. 

The pavilion features a unique 360-degree where the walls and ceiling form a visual unity. Over 3 million guests have visited the pavilion but the aim is to present the pearls of Icelandic nature in an impressive short movie.

The film, which is fifteen minutes long, presents Iceland in all its diversity. Footage from both city and nature is projected onto the four walls and the ceiling of the pavilion, together forming a cube that surrounds its guests. You fly through waterfalls, a marathon, and a volcano even erupts.