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Good Review about Sónar Reykjavík in Loud and Quiet

The English Music Publication Loud And Quiet gives Sónar Reykjavík Music Festival, which was held last weekend, a good review in a newly published article.

Sam Walton the journalist writes:  ,,In fact, Sonar Reykjavik turns out to be more of a complement than a foil to Iceland’s extreme environment, and for the better: instead of a weekend meandering around various venues in a balmy, tourist-friendly European town, Sonar Reykjavik is three nine-hour blasts of, variously, experimental art music, gratifying hands-in-the-air jamboree and even the odd band, all concentrated into Harpa, a hulking multi-room concert hall complexa that feels like the architectural realisation of Picasso doing set design on the Crystal Maze.“