Gift shops

If you're planning on bringing something home to your loved ones, or simply want to buy an item that reminds you of your visit to our lovely city, there are many gift shops to be found all around the capital


DALUR – all the best Iceland has to offer in cosmetics, nutrition and gift items. Icelandic skin tr

Kaolin Keramik Galleri

Kaolin Keramik Galleri is a cooperative gallery located in Skolavordustig 5, Reykjavik.


Lifestyle store on the corner of Laugavegur and Frakkastígur.

Michelsen 1909

Michelsen's watchmaking company has its roots in the arrival of King Frederik VIII of Denmark to


BIOEFFECT – the key to healthy, dense and youtful skin.

Smáralind shopping mall

Smáralind is the biggest shopping mall in Iceland.

PRAKT jewellery

PRAKT is a new Icelandic jewellery store located at Laugavegur 82, in the heart of downtown Reykj

Iceland Memories

Iceland Memories is a gift store and art gallery which has been in operation since 2016.

Kringlan shopping mall

Kringlan is the largest shopping mall in Reykjavík.

Reykjavík Design

Reykjavík Design is a lifestyle- and design store that sells beautiful products for your home.

The Handknitting Association of Iceland

In November 1977, a group of people, mainly women, founded The Handknitting Association of Icelan

Hrím design store

A selection of refined Icelandic design is available in Hrím's store.


Epal is known in Iceland for the sale of high-quality design furniture, most of which comes from

Rammagerðin gift store

Rammagerðin was founded in 1940 and is one of the oldest gift shops in the country.

Salka bookstore

Salka is a publishing house and a bookstore with great variety of books on Iceland and Icelandic


At Kokka, we believe that high-quality items delight both the mind and the hand.

Gjafir Jarðar

Gjafir Jarðar, or Earth's gifts, is a spiritual store located at Laugavegur 61.

Kogga ceramic studio

Kogga (Kolbrún Björgólfsdóttir b.1952) has been a highly influential presence on the Icelandic ce

Fríða jewles

Fríða is a small family business owned by the couple Fríða J. Jónsdóttir and Auðunn G. Árnason.

GÞ jewlery & watches

G Þ jewlery and watches is a comprehensive watch and jewlery store where we strive for everyone t

JS Watch co. Reykjavík

In 2005 four passionate and enthusiastic watch collectors had a dream come true.

Penninn Eymundsson

Penninn Eymundsson is a classic Icelandic bookstore and has shops all over the country.

Hókus Pókus

Hókus Pókus is a super fun store on Laugavegur 69, where you will find, costumes, masks and acces


Established in 1999, we are Iceland's leading jewelry brand and take pride in creating truly


Skúmaskot is a design and art gallery run by 8 women artists and designers.

AFF Concept store

AFF concept store is a lifestyle store for unique products from around the world, both new and ol

Nordic Store

Nordic Store was established in 2002 and has been selling high quality Icelandic products ever since