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Far Fest Afríka Reykjavík

October 2023

FAR Fest Afríka Reykjavík is a musical and cultural Festival, held every year at the beginning of October in Reykjavík City. 

The festival emphasizes to introduce African Music, Dance and Culture to the Icelandic people. Africa is a big Continent with many Nationalities, even if it seems to be forgotten in the standardized image of Africa, and FAR also gives African Icelanders (with different ethnicity) a platform to enjoy their own culture and share it with their fellow Icelanders and each other. FAR Fest Afríka Reykjavík also emphasizes nordic collaboration and gives musicians and music and dance teachers a platform to collaborate, share ideas and inspire each other. FAR Fest Afríka has an impact on music and dance education through collaboration with schools of all ages, from 3 - 16, teachers educational departments and senior citizens. This year FAR Fest Afríka Reykjavík celebrates its 10th anniversary.

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