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Esja - The Queen of Mountains

Seen in the photo above, covered in milky white snow is Mount Esja, Reykjavík's best-known mountain. You might imagine that she (yes, in Icelandic we talk about "her") is located somewhere in the wilderness. However, located only a 30-minute drive from central Reykjavík, she is a popular hiking spot the year around for locals and visitors alike.

The mountain is just a little short of 1 kilometre high (that's roughly 3000 feet) but the hike is suitable even for the less experienced. There are several marked hiking trails leading to the top, ranging in difficulty. The hike offers a great view of the city and its surroundings, plus some great sceneries! If you're up for it, just make sure to check the weather forecast before heading up - the North-Atlantic winds can be very unloving. Famously described by Megas, the Icelandic punky Bob Dylan, as "sick", Mount Esja sure is a great destination.