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Cycle - music and art festival

Bringing together superstars of the creative world such as Olafur Eliasson, Icelandic Love Corporation and Simon Steen Andersen with rising stars such as Eyvind Gulbrandsen, Skark Ensem ble and Pinquins the inaugural Cycle Music and Art Festival will take place this summer between August 13–16 in Kópavogur, Iceland. The festival is a new plat form for exploring and exhi biting the meeting point of creative worlds, producing and pre senting works that reach outside the traditional boundaries of disci pline, craft and process. Pioneering international artists in the fields of new music, performance art, visual arts, sound art and architecture will collaborate and create across a city-wide site with music as a central focus.
By introducing existing ideas, sounds, materials and our habitat in a new context, Cycle will seek to redefine the traditional art festival as a site of creation not just consumption. It will experiment with new ways of using the concert hall and museum whilst escaping them to showcase performances and installations in public spaces and found locations. We are aiming to push artists to engage outside of the boundaries imposed by their disciplines with the intention of altering their own and their audience’s perception of their surroundings and in doing find a meaningful alter native to the avant-garde.
Cycle Music and Art Festival builds on the foundations laid by The Icelandic Chamber Music Festival. The festivals will run in parallel, encouraging young, classically trained musicians to engage with contemporary art and new music, inter disciplinary works and sustainability. Pro moting the flourishing inter disciplinary music/art scene the festival will bring together musicians, artists, academics and audiences in an exciting city-wide site, where encounters with the familiar are renewed as experimentation and participation take centre stage.