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Biodegradable Algae Water Bottles at DesignMarch

Inhabitat recently published an article about a biodegradable algae bottle which Ari Jónsson premiered as his project at DesignMarch.

To create a bottle out of algae, Jónsson mixed powdered agar with water. The resulting mixture had a wobbly, jelly-like consistency, and he heated it before pouring it into a cold mold. The mold was swirled inside a container of ice water until the agar formed a bottle. Just a few more minutes of refrigeration, and the bottle was ready for use.

The algae bottle retains its unique shape until it is empty, and then it begins to break down. It’s an all-natural alternative to plastic, and Jónsson says drinkers can even chew on the bottle if they enjoy the taste. Agar is often used as a vegetarian or vegan substitute for gelatin in desserts, and is both safe for the environment and humans.

Ari Jónsson is currently a student at the Iceland Academy of the Arts.

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