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Álafosskvosin is a delightful area in Mosfellsbær where local artists and craftsmen offer handmade items for sale.

Álafoss Wool Store
Located in a wool factory established in 1896, the Álafoss Wool Store offers a great selection of handknitted wool sweaters and wool accessories as well as Icelandic yarn and knitting supplies.

Álafoss Wool Store
Álafossvegur 23
270 Mosfellsbær

Icelandic Handcrafted Knifes
The only professional knife makers in Iceland bring an ancient Viking tradition into the present.

Knife Maker
Álafossvegur 29
270 Mosfellsbær

Ásgarður Workshop
A workshop where people with learning disability work together with instructors to create extraordinary items they sell made from wood, leather, wool and copper, e.g. toys, bags, jewellery and mats.

Álafossvegur 22
270 Mosfellsbær