It's been an exceptional time for tourism in Iceland, with annual estimated figures showing about 20% increase in the number of visitors over the last few years, the majority of whom also visit Reykjavík. This increase, especially in the off-season, has been met with both enthusiasm and innovation in the city as local institutions and businesses come together to serve this growing sector and to create new and exciting ways to entertain and engage visitors to the city.

Whatever the reason for your stay, we at Visit Reykjavík are very proud to be of service to all our guests and look forward to sharing the best of the winter season with you here in Reykjavík city – where countless adventures beckon and a host of wonders await!

Áshildur Bragadóttir - Director of Visit Reykjavík ashildur[a]visitreykjavik.is
Ágúst Elvar Bjarnason - Project Manager of Tourism agust[a]visitreykjavik.is
Karen María Jónsdóttir - Head of the Tourist Information Centre karen[a]visitreykjavik.is
Guðmundur Birgir Halldórsson - Festival and Events Manager gudmundur[a]visitreykjavik.is
Björg Jónsdóttir - Festival and Events Manager bjorg(a)visitreykjavik.is
andra Nielsen Sveindóttir - Office Manager sandra[a]visitreykjavik.is
Aðalheiður Sveindóttir Santos - Festival and Event assistant ally[a]visitreykjavik.is
Berghildur Erla Bernharðsdóttir - Public Relations & Marketing, Manager berghildur[a]visitreykjavik.is
Heiðdís Einarsdóttir - International Relations & Marketing, Manager heidi[a]visitreykjavik.is
Ástríður Höskuldsdóttir - Specialist in Website Management, astridur[a]visitreykjavik.is
Unnar Geir Unnarsson - Project Manager at Tourist Information Centre unnar[a]visitreykjavik.is
Védís Vantída Guðmundsdóttir - 
Project Manager at Tourist Information Centre vedis[a]visitreykjavik.is

Visit Reykjavík: City Hall, 101 Reykjavík, Tel: (+354) 411 6000
Tourist Information Centre: City Hall, Tjarnargata 11, 101 Reykjavik Tel: +354 411 6040 e-mail: info [a] visitreykjavik.is
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