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The World´s Greatest Bar Gathering Will be Held in Reykjavík!

Reykjavík Bar Summit will be held for the second time from 29 February to 3 March 2016 in down town Reykjavík, Iceland. Bar crews from some of the world‘s best cocktail bars have already signed up and are visiting Reykjavík for this exciting event to make an impact and input to the international bar scene in Reykjavík during this week with competitions, seminars, guest bartending events and unforgettable parties.

The objective is to get a feel for what is happening in cocktail bars around the world as well as introducing the Icelandic cocktail and spirit sceen. During the main competition event the participating bars are to make one drink from their local ingredient, one from Icelandic local ingredients and one of their bar‘s signature drinks. The audience gets an opportunity to taste the drinks and get a feel for each bars atmosphere and concept.

Over 20 of the worlds best cocktail bars will visit along with legends of the cocktail and spirit world including Dan Priseman, Philip Duff, Lynnette Marrero and the legendary crazy cocktail chemist Tom Zyankali.

This event is set to light the city on fire with cocktail culture, bringing Reykjavík to the world and the world to Reykjavík!

For More Information: www.reykjavikbarsummit.com