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Want to learn the history of Videy Island?

Stefán Pálsson historian will take guests on an entertaining history walk around Viðey island Tuesday June 9th. Viðey is full of history and Stefán knows stories about the munks who used to live on the island, the Sheriff Skúli Magnússon, seawrecks og bloody fights of the Reformation.
Tuesdays are longer than other days of the week in Viðey. Two extra trips are added to the schedule at 18:15 and 19:15 and the restaurant at Viðeyjarstofa is open longer. This makes it possible for guests in Viðey to enjoy a lovely dinner at Viðeyjarstofa or have a pleasant walk on the island beforet he evening program.
Spoken language on this guided tour is Icelandic and the guidance is free of charge. It starts at 19:30 at Viðeyjarstofa and takes about an hour and a half. The ferry sails back to Skarfabakki at 21:00.
Adults pay 1.100 kr. for a round trip with the ferry, children 7–15 years old pay 550 kr. but the youngest sail for free. Everybody is welcome. Owners of the Reykjavik Guest Card get a free boat ride.
Contact: Ágústa Rós Árnadóttir 820-1977