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Tjarnarbíó Theatre

Tjarnarbio is a loving home to the independent performance art scene in Iceland. The venue is also proud to be able to offer a wide range of possibilities for concerts, conferences and various other events. Tjarnarbarinn café serves all sorts of liquid refreshments, hot and cold.

Tjarnarbíó is just over a century old, built in 1913. The auditorium was originally an “ice house”, at the time, ship owners built it as a fish factory and used ice from the pond to keep the fish fresh for export. The backstage area of Tjarnarbíó was Reykjavík’s fire station. During WWII the University of Iceland took over the house and turned it into a cinema, hence the name Tjarnarbíó (“Pond Cinema”). For decades to come the house would be used as a cinema, as a lecture hall for the University and a theatre.


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