fbpx THE SPIRIT OF HUMANITY FORUM 2014 | Visit Reykjavík


The Spirit of Humanity Forum is a global platform of leaders in politics, business, education, environment, science and spirituality, with the mission of exploring how personal transformation and values, like love and compassion, can lead to systemic change in organizations, communities and even nations.
This event, to be hosted in Reykjavík from April 10-12, aims to contribute to the national character of Iceland as one of the world's most peaceful societiies with the most progressive peace-building ideas and values-based governance.
The Forum, entitled ‘The Power of Love and Compassion in Governance – Sharing Actions for Effective Change’, features a wide range of transformative and experiential activities including reflective round-tables and themed panels with motivational speakers who have already inspired profound change in society.
For more information visit sohforum.org