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Snowstorm on Saturday - Here's fun stuff you can do!

We're having "stay-inside-weather" on Saturday, and you're wondering what to do? Here's what we suggest: With the Reykjavík City Card, you will have free admission to the city's top museums, free entry for all the swimming pools and unlimited bus-rides. Really, a perfect companion for when stuck inside.

For the art lover

All of Reyjavík's major art-museums are included in the City card. We suggest you start with Reykjavík Art Museum "Hafnarhúsið" in central 101 Reykjavík. On now is one of Iceland's best-known painters, the Paris-based pop-artist Erró. Next stop, we suggest the Culture House, nearby in Hverfisgata, for the exhibition "Point of view". It focuses on Icelandic cultural history in the broadest sense, including items from the collections of six different cultural institutions. "Kjarvalsstaðir" art museum is further east, but easily accessible with a bus-ride or even a nice walk. It's dedicated to Iceland's best-loved painter, Kjarval. Also on display is the dark and gloomy "Tales of the Unseen".  

Reykjavík's thermal pools are really a must-do on a day like this. There's nothing quite like taking a soak in the hot-tub when the northern winds blow rain and snow.

For the history buff

The National Museum of Iceland is a must for anybody interested in Icelandic history, culture and heritage. Artifacts from the Viking age to the modern day are on display. The Settlement Exhibition is not far away, drawing focus on oldest relics of human habitation in Reykjavík, with some of the fragments found dating to before 871 AD. Also downtown is The Culture House. The current exhibition, "Point of view", tackles Icelandic cultural history in the broadest sense, including items from the collections of six different cultural institutions.

For the whole family

The National Museum of Iceland is an excellent choice for families with kids. There's lots of old and interesting Viking stuff to check-out. The parents will get a sense of Iceland's 1000 years of history. If you have some warm clothes packed, Reykjavík's petting zoo (also included in the City Card) is home to reindeers, foxes, horses, seals and other beautiful creatures. Last but not least, pay a visit to one of Reykjavík's thermal pools. There's nothing quite like the hot water on a cold day!

We might as well suggest using the 30% discount of Whales of Iceland entrance fee, included in the City Card, and 50% discount of Aurora Reykjavik's entrance fee.

Where to buy - and other practical stuff?

The City Card can be purchased online, at our Tourist Information Center in City Hall, as well at some partners locations. For all the stuff that's included, some more recommendations, how it works, and discounts at our partners, visit