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Smára Tívolí Amusement Park

Fun for everyone in SmáraTívolí, Smáralind

SmáraTívolí is located in Smáralind, Iceland´s largest shopping center of the city area. It´s one of a kind in Iceland, the only indoor family entertainment center with over 100 gameplays on two floors. Smáratívolí guarantees a great time for all ages in a setting that has not been seen in Iceland before.

On the ground floor we have a childcare for ages 3 to 10, parents are also allowed to play with younger child in a special Comfyland area, that has won prizes for their state of the art cognitive and exploratory design. Children can stay in the childcare up to two hours. In the childcare is a big climberhouse with lots of fun and activity.

On the ground floor you´ll also find bumper cars, darkride, trampoline, mini bowling and whole alley of tivoligames on the ground floor. In the tivoligames you can collect tivolitickets wich will give you prices in the Tivoli Prize board. We sell soda, popcorn, tivolicandy, candyfloss and slush juice.

Come and try Fruit Ninja, Mistral, PileUp and have fun!

On the second floor we host birthday party for children and receive groups in team building. There is a Lazertag witch up to 20 people can play in 200 square meters with lots of dark places to hide in to make the game more fun and exciting. The second floor also has lots of video and Tivoligames, for example; basketball, Speed of Light, Guitar hero, Super Bikes and air hokkey. Challenge your friends and/or family in fun games.

We have a sportbar also where all the biggest sport events are broadcasted live on a big screen.  We serve beer and other alcohol, soda, nachos and pizzas in the sportbar.

If you want to have an adventurous time with your family or friends, Smáratívolí is a place worth visiting.