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Seafood restaurant by the old harbour.

Authentic Icelandic culinary experience.

Great selection of Icelandic seafood.

Something to remember!

Old Harbour Gourmet Walk
GUIDED TOUR WITH MASTERCHEF MAGNÚS INGI MAGNÚSSON. Welcome gathering at Sjávarbarinn. Fermented shark with schnaps. Walk by the old harbour. Introduction to Icelandic fisheries. A visit to the fish market. Seafood buffet at Sjávarbarinn. Introduction to Icelandic cooking. ISK 6,900. INCLUSIVE: Fermented shark and schnaps and more delicacies. Guided tour with Magnús Ingi. Seafood buffet at Sjávarbarinn: Seafood soup of the day. Variety of warm and cold dishes. Salad bar. Homemade bread. Traditional malted rye bread. Icelandic rhubarb tart. Coffee and tea. More information at sjavarbarinn.is. Available Tue., Wed. and Thur. 10-12.30. Bookings in advance – Minimum 10 persons.